Come to the new counseling center

centerYou can get so much help when you come to the new counseling center that you might think you are in a new kind of medical center. The counseling center is just like all others, but it has an inclusive set of services that meet the needs of everyone who comes through the doors. The goal of the counseling center to help people become whole again, and these services help people get where they need to go to that end. This is just a small set of the services that people can get when they come in to see a counselor.




You can set up appointments with the people in the center for regular counseling sessions. These sessions are meant to help you get services in a private setting. These services are done in private, and they are done confidentially. All the rules that apply to patient privilege apply to your sessions with a counselor under these conditions. This is a very good way for you to heal when you know that you need to talk to someone.


You can come in to meet the staff to see whom you want to talk with. All the people on the staff are licensed, and they all have different specialties. This is the time when you get to meet people who are going to help you to learn what it means to live your life well again. You also get to see them on a schedule that you agree upon that is fruitful for both of you.


The Meetings


There are meetings going on in the building all the time, and you will be able to come to the meetings at your own leisure. There are many kinds of meetings that are going to help you with your problems, and you can get into a group that is going to meet your needs based on the things you struggle with.

Our facilities work side by side, and hand in hand with Narconon Fresh Start rehabilitation center. Our councilors will have a one on one consolation and see if rehabilitation is the right step to the persons recovery. Narconon Fresh Start is the leader in treatment centers for alcoholism and drug abuse.

This is a very good way for you to get into counseling without feeling as though you are not getting all the services you need. The services are designed to produce a calm environment where you will be able to learn more about yourself from others who have been in the same situation. This is the kind of thing that will change your life if you are willing to invest your time in getting better in the context of the meetings that you attend.